Real Estate Auctions:
Real Estate auctions are appealing to more and more people because it is the most efficient approach to selling, or buying, a home. We connect motivated buyers with motivated sellers, by-passing the drawn out negotiations and contingencies that delay closings. Sales occur on a specific day and time in a competitive bidding environment, which allows the real estate’s true value to emerge. If you are considering the sale of real estate let our aggressive marketing strategies bring you the highest net return, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of stress on you.

Real Estate Brokerage:
Not every property, or situation, is suited for auction. When this situation occurs we are poised to list your real estate through the traditional brokerage method, with the added advantage of the aggressive marketing styles typically used only for auctions.

Personal Property Auctions:
Personal property is any asset you own other than real estate. There are many different types of personal property, each requiring unique marketing and liquidation strategies. If appropriate for your assets, we can conduct theater-style auctions using digital video presentation. In addition, we can also broadcast your auction live, or use a timed ending auction, on the Internet to an audience that will transcend local market conditions.

The most familiar style is the On-Site Auction.
Even this type of auction, with its “home town feel”, receives global marketing through our extensive internet advertising campaigns. We choose the method which best fits your assets, will maximize your return and give you the assurance that your items are being sold efficiently and effectively in a truly global marketplace.

If you have any questions about the services that we offer, please contact us today.